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You are here: Industry Advertising & Marketing FTC's "Green" Marketing Guidelines

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FTC's "Green" Marketing Guidelines

HuntonWilliamsLogoFTC Affirms Aggressive Approach to Environmental Marketing

Hunton & Williams
October 21, 2015
2 pages

FoleyLardnerLogoFTC Fails to Prove Green Guides' Meaning of "Biodegradable"

Foley & Lardner
February 26, 2015
2 pages

ArentFoxFTC Cracks Down on Misleading Environmental Marketing

Arent Fox
March 25, 2014
2 pages

greenbergtrauriglogoFTC Chops 'Green' Plastic Lumber Claims and Diaper Claims That Fail to 'Pass the Smell Test'

Greenberg Traurig
February 28, 2014
2 pages

greenbergtrauriglogoSix Enforcement Actions Brought Challenging Environmental Product Claims Allegedly Failing To Comply With the FTC's 'Green' Guides

Greenberg Traurig
November 19, 2013
2 pages

FoleyLardnerLogoIs It Easy Being “Green”? The FTC Pursues Enforcement Actions Regulating “Green” Marketing Claims

Foley & Lardner
November 14, 2013
2 pages

GoodwinProcterLogoFTC Enforcement Initiatives Spotlight Risks In Making Green Marketing Claims

Goodwin Procter
November 12, 2013
3 pages

ThompsonHineLogoFTC: VOC-Free Means VOC-Free

Thompson Hine
March 14, 2013
2 pages