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You are here: Area of Law Antitrust Hart-Scott-Rodino: Regulation & Enforcement FTC's HSR Thresholds & Penalties

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FTC's HSR Thresholds & Penalties

SkaddenLogoRevised HSR Thresholds Announced

January 15, 2015
2 pages

CrowellMoringLogoFTC Announces New HSR and Section 8 Thresholds

Crowell & Moring
January 15, 2015
1 page

CrowellMoringLogoImpact of New FTC Thresholds on Investment Funds

Crowell & Moring
January 30, 2014
1 Page

AlstonBirdLogoFTC Revises Thresholds for HSR Filings and Interlocking Directorates

Alston & Bird
January 28, 2014
2 Pages

BryanCaveLogoFederal Trade Commission Increases Interlocking Directorates Thresholds

Bryan Cave
January 24, 2014
1 Page

DavisPolkLogoRevised Jurisdictional Thresholds Under the HSR Act and For the Prohibition of Interlocking Directorates

Davis Polk
January 23, 2014
2 pages