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DoD's Final Business Systems Rule

ArnoldPorterLogoAdequate Security' and Full Disclosure: The DOD's New Cyber Rules for Contractors

Arnold & Porter
From Bloomberg BNA's Federal Contracts Report
September 22, 2015
3 pages

SteptoeJohnsonLogoImpending Changes to the US Munitions Import List

Steptoe & Johnson
From New York Law Journal
April 28, 2014
3 pages

SteptoeJohnsonLogoDDTC Updates Guidance about Reporting Fees, Commissions, and Political Contributions Relating to Commercial Sales of Defense Articles and Defense Services

Steptoe & Johnson
December 18, 2013
2 pages

KingSpaldingLogoPost-DOD Interim Rule, Expect More Enforcement

King & Spalding
From Law360
October 16, 2013

4 pages