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You are here: Area of Law Tax Corporate Tax: Legislation Codification of Economic Substance Doctrine

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Codification of Economic Substance Doctrine

AlstonBirdLogoEconomic Substance Doctrine Confusion

Alston & Bird
November 3, 2014
2 pages

ChadbourneParkeLogoEconomic Substance [WFC Holdings Corp. v. United States]

Chadbourne & Parke
October 16, 2013
2 pages

AlstonBirdLogoBetter Luck with Economic Substance Doctrine: John Hancock Life Insurance Co. v. Commissioner, 141 T.C. No. 1 (2013)

Alston & Bird
September 3, 2013
2 pages

AlstonBirdLogoEconomic Substance Doctrine Defense Plan

Alston + Bird
October 3, 2011