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  • SEC Charges Two Stock Promoters With Conducting Market Manipulation Schemes

    The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a pair of penny stock promoters in Canada with manipulating two microcap stocks to create the false appearance of market interest.

    The SEC alleges that Mike Taxon and Itamar Cohen distributed promotional mailings of glossy “newsletters” with fake publication names like “Stock Trend Report” and “Global Investor Watch” in order to tout the stocks of purported gold and silver exploration company Raven Gold Corporation (RVNG) and natural gas production company Kentucky USA Energy (KYUS).  The newsletters misled investors with purportedly positive – but fake – price and volume trends for these stocks and other false information about the promoters’ identity, compensation, and control of the stock. In reality, most of the touted market activity was generated by Taxon, Cohen, and their associates who controlled large blocks of the companies’ stocks.  Earlier this week, the SEC charged attorney Adam Gottbetter for his role in...

  • SEC Names Andrew J. Donohue as Chief of Staff

    The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Andrew J. “Buddy” Donohue has been named the agency’s chief of staff.  Mr. Donohue will replace Lona Nallengara who will leave the agency in June.

    As chief of staff, Mr. Donohue will be a senior adviser to the Chair on all policy, management, and regulatory issues.

    “I am thrilled that Buddy will be returning to the SEC to provide his extensive knowledge and expertise to the agency,” said SEC Chair Mary Jo White.  “Buddy is a seasoned professional whose previous SEC and private sector experience will be invaluable in advancing all aspects of the agency’s mission.  His deep knowledge of asset management will be especially useful as the Commission advances its rulemaking agenda for addressing potential risks in asset management and considers a uniform fiduciary standard.”

    Mr. Donohue returns to the SEC after serving as Director of the agency’s Division of Investment Management from May...

  • SEC Announces Charges Against Compliance Director Accused of Defrauding Investors and Stealing Brokerage Firm Assets

    The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced fraud charges against a Long Island man accused of fleecing investors and stealing money from a brokerage firm where he worked as the director of compliance.

    The SEC’s Enforcement Division alleges that William Quigley was involved in a scheme to solicit investors to buy stock in well-known companies or supposed start-ups on the verge of going public, but the securities were never actually purchased for them.  Instead, after investors wired their funds to bank and brokerage accounts that Quigley set up and controlled, the money was quickly wired to a bank account in the Philippines or withdrawn in small increments from ATM machines in the vicinity of Quigley’s home and office.  Quigley allegedly worked in concert with two brothers who live in the Philippines and handled the solicitation aspects of the scheme while he funneled investor money out of the accounts to his brothers...

  • SEC Announces Agenda for June 3 Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies

    The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that the next meeting of its Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies will focus on public company disclosure effectiveness, intrastate crowdfunding, venture exchanges, and treatment of “finders.”

    “The agenda reflects the important scope of the advisory committee’s mandate,” said SEC Chair Mary Jo White.  “Topics I am particularly interested in are the advisory committee’s views on disclosure effectiveness and initiatives that will inform our capital formation efforts.”  

    At its upcoming meeting on June 3, the advisory committee also is expected to vote on a recommendation to the Commission regarding the “Section 4(a)(1½) exemption” sometimes used by shareholders to resell privately issued securities.  This topic was initially discussed at the committee’s March 4 meeting.

    The meeting will be held at the SEC’s headquarters at 100 F Street, N.E., Washington, D.C., and is open to the public.  It also will be webcast live on the...

  • SEC Charges New York Lawyer and Two Promoters With Market Manipulation

    The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced fraud charges against a securities lawyer who used his New York law office as the headquarters for planning and implementing market manipulation schemes.  Also charged are two stock promoters from Canada who assisted him.

    The SEC alleges that Adam S. Gottbetter orchestrated promotional campaigns that touted the prospects of microcap companies and enticed investors to buy their stock at inflated prices so he and his cohorts could sell shares they controlled and reap massive profits.  Gottbetter enlisted Mitchell G. Adam and K. David Stevenson to help him in the last of three schemes he conducted in a six-year period.  They repeatedly cautioned each other about the dangers of missteps that might draw law enforcement attention to the scheme, such as failing to keep secret the identities of Adam and Stevenson.  The three rehearsed stories they would tell if ever questioned by law enforcement.  During...

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