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You are here: Area of Law M&A Kaye Scholer: M&A and Corporate Governance Newsletter (Winter 2013)

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KayeScholerLogoM&A and Corporate Governance Newsletter (Winter 2013)

Kaye Scholer
February 14, 2013
28 pages

In this Issue:

  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Waive After
  • DOJ Sends Caution Signal to Companies Engaged in Mergers
  • How Should Compensation Committees Engage Compensation Committee Advisors? Very Carefully!
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: When Drafting Indemnification Clauses, You May Get Exactly (and Only) What You Ask For
  • Offshore Fund Governance: What’s on the Horizon?
  • Buyer Beware: The Reporting Implications of Buying (and Selling) a Significant Amount of Public Securities
  • 2013 Changes to ISS and Glass Lewis Proxy Voting Policies

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