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You are here: Area of Law Antitrust International Competition/Antitrust Norton Rose: Competition World: a global survey of recent competition and antitrust law developments

NortonRoseLogoCompetition World: a global survey of recent competition and antitrust law developments 

Norton Rose
January 29, 2013
20 pages

In this Issue:

  • Mergers and acquisitions - The “failing firm” defence: How should competition authorities treat acquisitions of companies in financial difficulty?
  • Mergers and acquisitions - Severe penalties for “gun jumping”: Implementing a merger before clearance
  • Technology: Mobile telecoms M&A - A greenish light from Brussels
  • Transport: Do different transport modes compete in the same market? Recent competition decisions in Italy, France and the UK shed light on market definition in the transport sector
  • Toughening criminal penalties for cartels
  • Collective or “class” actions in competition litigation - Key judgments in Canada and South Africa
  • United Kingdom: Greater scope for damages claims
  • France: Rights of appeal - judicial immunity for Competition Authority’s “opinions”
  • ***Special Feature - Competition Developments in Africa***

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