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GoodwinProcterLogoFinancial Services Newsletter

Goodwin Procter
January 8, 2013
4 pages

In this Issue:

  • Federal District Court Allows Mutual Fund Shareholders to Proceed with Section 36(b) Claims Asserting That Investment Adviser’s Fees are Excessive Because the Funds’ Sub-Advisers Allegedly Perform Most of the Funds’ Investment Management Services
  • OCC Provides Guidance on Transition Period for Compliance with the Swaps Push-Out Rule
  • FinCEN Extends FBAR Filing Deadline Until June 30, 2014 for Certain Individuals With Signature or Other Authority Only Over Certain Foreign Financial Accounts
  • CFTC Issues Additional No-Action Relief From Swap Dealer De Minimis Calculations for U.S. Banks Wholly Owned by Foreign Entities

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