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SimpsonThacherLogoInsurance Law Alert

Simpson Thacher
November 6, 2012
12 pages

In this Issue:

  • Ninth Circuit Retreats From Previous Ruling Imposing Duty to Seek Settlement Proactively
  • New York Court Rejects Insurer’s Rescissionary Damages Claim for Mortgage-Backed Securities Policy
  • Pollution Exclusion Relieves Insurer of Duty to Defend Bodily Injury Lead Claims, Says Missouri Court
  • Ohio Court Dismisses Claims Against Excess Insurers on Justiciability Grounds
  • Late Notice Ruling as to Initial Complaint Does Not Automatically Apply to Amended Complaint, Says Eleventh Circuit
  • Illinois Court Enforces Follow the Settlements Clause and Rejects Reinsurer’s Late Notice Defense
  • New Jersey Court Addresses Late Notice Under Retrocessional Contracts
  • New York’s Highest Court Rules That Earth Movement Exclusion Applies to “Man Made” Causes
  • Ninth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Global Warming Nuisance Suit
  • Fifth Circuit Affirms That Reservation of Rights Does Not Create Conflict of Interest for Purposes of Selecting Defense Counsel

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